User Reviews and Rating

Sabir - 01/31/2016 from India

Excellent App for Setting OOF Sending an Auto-response

This is excellent app which enables sending a auto-response for cancellation of meeting. The also helps in setting a reminder of how many meetings were cancelled.

Jameel - 04/18/2016 from United States

Excellent Concept

Great app for management people who need to be organized and track meetings. Excellent for salesman who need to travel for business. Now they can set OOO messages and be assured that meetings cancellation will be taken care of, thus notifying clients well in advance, while also help reschedule and avoid missing on important meetings.

Azlam - 07/02/2015 from India

Please add support for IBM notes.

Ian - 07/02/2015 from United States

Does as described. Excellent app!

Mark - 07/02/2015 from United States

Fantastic! Keep up the excellent work!