iO3: Automatic Replies

iO3: Automatic Replies is a unique and easy to use app for setting up OOF messages for your multiple business accounts in on go.

While you are OOF, the app will work as a smart assistant for managing your Appointments and reminding you to reschedule the Appointments once you are back to work.

As a user you have an option to cancel the Appointments during the OOF period by a click of a button and also set reminders to reschedule the cancelled Appointments the day after the OOF period ends.

Key Features


As a user you need to configure the business email accounts. As a business user it is painful to know the technical settings of the email servers. It becomes more complex with multiple email accounts and various types of email servers (such as cloudmail, Office365 etc.)

With the AutoDiscover features you just need to specify the email address and the password. Rest, the app would take the complexity and do its processing to identify the configurations for connecting to the server.

Once discovered, you just need to save the configuration and you are ready to go.

Set Out of Office Messages from one screen for multiple accounts

If you have multiple business accounts, then you need to set the Out of Office messages for each of them separately. This may become more complex, if each email account has a different provide/technology which in turn offers different user interface. With iO3 app you can set messages from one screen to all the business accounts.

The Out of Office settings done in the “All Accounts” tab will reflect in all the other business accounts that are configured. With the tap on the “Set” button the settings will be made to multiple business accounts.

Thus the app takes away the complexity of dealing with multiple UI and also typing and setting the same parameter again and again for multiple accounts.

Additionally, if you need to make specific changes to messages of respective accounts, the app provides easy swipe finger feature to review/edit the messages and change the settings.

Advance options for setting Out of Office messages

The app provides extended options to set the Out of Office messages. Thus you can have more control on the reply the exchange server will send to incoming emails within the organization, outside the organization and also you can control the period in which these messages will be active. The app provides following options –

  1. For specific period – You can specify the duration for which you will be out of office. The duration can be hours, days or weeks.
  2. Within my organization – This is the message you want the exchange to auto reply when a mail arrives in the mailbox. The exchange server with check if mail is with the organization and reply using the message provided here.
  3. Send replies outside my organization – This feature will enable you to configure a separate message to be send for people outside your organization. You can further choose –
    • Reply only to senders in Contact list – Automatic replies will be sent only to people, who are not within your organization and added in your contact list.
    • Reply to all external sender – Automatic replies will be sent to anyone who sends a mail to your email id.

Auto Decline/Cancel Appointments when you are Out of Office

The app will retrieve all the appointments/meetings between the Out of Office period and decline/cancel the meetings. The message sent along with the cancellation of meetings is the same that is set in the Out of Office message box.

To enable this feature, you need to set the flag in Options menu. Furthermore, you can choose to see the appointments/meetings and select the items that need not be processed. To do so you need to specify or set the flag in the Options menu.

This is a very important and unique feature. Now you no longer have to worry about managing the calendar and the app take care of it with ease.

Set Reminders to reschedule cancelled appointments once you are back

The app will create reminders in your task list for each calendar item that is cancelled/declined. This way, you can manage the meetings and reschedule them when you are back to office. Hence you will no longer miss on important meetings and actions.

This feature need to be enabled from the Options menu.