The app once installed need to be configured with exchange email account. There are 2 set of configurations –

  1. Options – This let’s configure the preferences to enable use of certain features.
  2. Accounts – Here you can configure one or more email accounts.


The app provides two exclusive features in addition to the core feature of setting the Automatic Replies. As a user you can turn on these features from the Options menu.

Cancel Appointments

On turning this feature on the app will cancel the appointments during the OOO/OOF period. This functionality works effectively when TIME PERIOD for OOO/OOF message is set. If not set it will cancel appointments for current date only.

Please note enabling this would decline all meeting request where you are the participant, with OOO/OOF message. For all appointments where you are the organizer the meeting will be cancelled with OOO/OOF message.

Once you switch on this option, there is sub-option that would enable you to view the appointments/meetings before been processed. If you enable this feature, the app will pop-up all the meetings/appointments and you can select the meeting/appointment you wish to attend, even when you are OOO/OOF.

Reminders to reschedule meetings

When this option is turned on, the app will create reminders in the task list for each appointment/meeting that was cancelled. Thus, when you are back to work you don’t miss on important meetings and this will help you reschedule the meetings. Each task created will have details about the appointment/meeting for reference.


Here you can see the configured accounts. You can configure one or more exchange accounts. To configure, tap on the Accounts symbol and the Account page will be loaded, which will show you a list of all the accounts currently configured as well as a link to add new accounts.

Adding new account

To add a new account, tap the link button “+ Account”. This will take you to the Autodiscover settings page where you need to enter –

  1. Account name
  2. Email address
  3. Password

On click of the “Sign In” button the app will try to autodiscover the exchange settings. In most of the case the settings are discovered unless the feature on exchange server is blocked by the admin.

In case the autodiscover fails to retrieve the information you will be asked to enter additional information such as –

  1. Domain
  2. Username
  3. Server

You can get these settings from your administration in case you don’t know. Try entering these settings and tap the “Sign In” button.

Once the settings are discovered app will show a “Success” message and store the settings in memory.

On the Accounts page you can tap the Save button to save the changes made to accounts configurations.

Modifying Existing Account Settings

From the Accounts page, tap on the account that you need to modify. Generally, the need for doing so will be –

  • In case you want to rename the label of the account
  • Password has changed/expired
  • The administrator has made changes to your Exchange Server settings.

You can make changes to the settings and tap on the “Sign-In” button. The app will try to connect with the server and if successful it will pop-up a message and you can tap the “Save” button in the toolbar to save the changes.